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    Built in 1980, the Shoreside Dock is the access point for all boats providing transportation to the USS Arizona Memorial, and time and wear have taken their toll. We continue to Remember, Honor, and Understand all that this hallowed ground represents, thank you for considering a gift today.

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    "I think it’s the best way [we] can honor all those who died that day and for all those who fought in World War II. I don't think there is a better tribute [to visit] and something I'd really like to do with my soon-to-be wife."

    — Mr. Nee will be traveling to Oahu for his honeymoon

    "God bless those on the front lines of these fundraising campaigns and who volunteer their time to educate the visitors, tourists, and crusty old sailors like me! This Memorial and its importance to me, cannot be overstated."

    — Mr. Spence, USN Veteran