Kalaupapa Architectural Documentation Project

Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Todd Croteau, Former Acting Chief of Cultural Resources for Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Pacific Historic Parks and Kalaupapa National Park co-sponsored a Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) documentation project in November of 2016 to aid in the preservation of St. Philomena’s Church and coastal buildings in the settlement. HABS is a national program within the National Park Service that prepares measured architectural drawings, large-format photographs, descriptive and historical reports of historic architecture, industrial sites, and landscapes throughout the United States. The records are produced to high archival standards and are deposited in the Library of Congress, where they are held in the public domain and made available through the library’s website.

The village buildings along the coast are aging and threatened by the effects of the marine environment and potential tsunamis. The HABS project in Kalaupapa will “preserve on paper” the unique features, current conditions, and history of the significant buildings that contributed to the story of the settlement. The project will provide baseline documentation to monitor the deterioration and aid in future restorations.

The HABS program intends to continue recording structures and landscapes along the coast and throughout the park to gather a complete set for the settlement, including the cemeteries and grave markers, as well as archeological sites.

The HABS team from Washington, D.C. included Dana Lockett, Daniel DeSousa, Ryan Pierce and Lisa Davidson, and was assisted in the park by Todd Croteau, Acting Chief of Cultural Resources and Kaile Luga, National Council for Preservation Education. The buildings were recorded using a variety of techniques including hand-measuring, 3D laser scanning, and digital photogrammetry. The data collected is being translated into measured drawings that accurately depict the elevations, plans, and details. The park will be able to use the drawings to restore or replicate the buildings as needed in the future.

The documents will eventually be available online via the Library of Congress website at: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/collection/hh/

For more information about HABS go to https://www.nps.gov/hdp/ or email todd_croteau@nps.gov

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